Our Customers Are Our #1 Priority and We Stand behind our products.
Our Customers Are Our #1 Priority and We Stand behind our products.
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Lets Talk Briefly...

Who is The JMarcus Collection...

...a growing company that was established in the US in 1996 designing high end handbags manufactured in Italy. Our handbags were created with the best leather material available which included Crocodile, Cowhide and Ostrich leather.

In 2000, we began receiving a high demand for the company to design and produce women high heel shoes. After making contact with some of the worlds best shoe manufacturing companies. we where able to build a strong business relationship and the shoe department was established. 

Though we allow other brands to be sold under our trademarked name, the shoes must meet certain standards. The history, feedback and financial stability of that company must meet our requirements. 

What is the future of the company...

The future of The JMarcus Collection is looking very strong. With sales increasing every year, we have plans of being a very well known company producing high quality heels for women.

In December 2019 the founder of the company was not satisfied with the growth and customer service rating, he decided to do a complete management change. The decision did not sit well with some but the changes had to be made if the company was to stay on track for growth. 

February 15, 2020 launched the new The JMarcus Collection with the new staff in place. With plans of featuring 3 new pair shoes at a time, this process will allow us to stay on track providing the customer service our buyers deserve.